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Property Maintenance

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Caring for parking lots and borders: Safe, neat and appealing all year long

We love our seasons in New England, but whether the landscape is white or green, we’ll work hard for you to keep it clean.

Winter and warm-weather parking lot maintenance includes our plowing, sanding and sweeping services, as well as keeping large areas in mowed and trim through the summer and fall.

• Shopping malls                        • Strip shopping plazas                      • Stand-alone retail businesses

• Apartment buildings             • Office & industrial parks                • Parking lots and garages

Commercial-scale mowing, plowing, sanding and sweeping is a specialty that brings practical and financial results. Year-round access to a clean, appealing lot is a goal we share with you.

Contact SJB Construction for help welcoming your potential customers, visitors or tenants with the right impression, so they’ll want to walk through your door.