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Mowing and brush control

SJB brush cutting for brush clearing and property border maintenance


Expand and maintain your green horizons

SJB offers mowing and brush clearing and cutting services for commercial and residential properties on a one-time or ongoing basis. Our flail mower makes it all mow-able, even where a tractor can’t go! Watch us edge a wooded area below:

Flail mowing for:

  • Yard and roadside cleaning
  • Industrial applications
  • Right of ways for utilities and other purposes
  • Clearing and maintaining fire breaks
  • Embankments
  • Near wetlands

Up to 4 inch trunks taken down to chip!

Incredibly fast and clean:

We reach up to 17 feet high and over obstacles where such as boulders fences.
Reach around poles, posts and trunks, butt up the clean area close to the base

Clear fire breaks and utility rights of way

Once it’s down, we can mow lawns and vegetation on a commercial scale.

It’s all part of our property promise: to maintain yours as we would our own. Give us a call.